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Mad Farm RoadMap

Considering the feedback we gather after the launch of Mad Farm, we developed a roadmap that we plan to implement into the game in the nearest future.
First and foremost, we will add steam achievements, and since we like to do hardcore things it will include an insane difficulty challenges and achievements.

We had couple of complains regarding the game content and how it could be enhanced to deliver even a better experience, therefore we decided to bring a tower defense into the game with a free movement system for all of your wondering minds that want to peek behind that hangar.

Yes, graphics will indeed become cooler and we plan to fill those field a little.

Since we are all for the weapon mechanics, we will add two more: a shotgun and a melee weapon hay fork.

We are aware about co-op and multiplayer demand, and that demand shall be fulfilled, however it will happen after this roadmap is complete.

Last updated April 25 2018