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Mad Farm is OUT!


Mad Farm is finally out on Steam! Dive in, explore the different locations, (if you can survive even one) see your wife being eaten by a pig (or not, but the second option of her surviving is obviously boring), feel things explode in your face, get excited seeing a “too big for all this” bear and well, just have fun!

We’ve been developing this game for quite a while, and we were not focusing on a very “unique” esthetics or a “deep to my bones” story. All we wanted to do is bring a very old school arcade type of game, where your brain doesn’t need to be operational while playing it and you can dive right in and have fun without thinking about anything.

We have plenty of plans for this title and having your feedback and suggestions would be awesome!
We will be posting a guideline to the game (so no one is confused) as well as our development roadmap for the future, in which you can participate.

Thank you all for the support and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Happy Massacre EVERYBODY!

P.S. By the way, feel free to report bugs and all that, it’s kinda helpful.
Last updated March 10 2018